Legislative Testimony

As the Illinois General Assembly works its way through its 100th Session, the McLean County Chamber of Commerce is hard at work to be the voice for business –  to stand up for pro-business and job-promoting legislation, and to stand against legislation that will increase the cost of doing business and hinder economic prosperity for McLean County’s employers and their employees. 

In order to do this, we need help from you, our members, to build the strongest case we can for our elected representation in Springfield.  On certain legislation, the Chamber will periodically request testimony from its member businesses to ensure that we remain on the pulse of the needs of the business community. 

This page will serve as a platform for the McLean County Chamber of Commerce’s Government Affairs Committee to best understand the needs of its members, and to create an ironclad case for our elected representation importantly built on local data.

To respond to a testimony request, simply click on the form below that represents the issue you are here to testify for.  With your help, we will continue our push to make McLean County the best place for business in Illinois!  


Illinois Minimum Wage Legislation Testimony

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There is currently an amendment to a bill in the Illinois General Assembly (HB 198, Amendment 1) that creates an escalating minimum wage hike to $15 dollars an hour by the year 2022. As the legislation is currently proposed, the Chamber opposes.

While the Chamber would not oppose a conversation on a commonsense minimum wage increase, we believe that legislating a minimum wage that is higher than our surrounding states once again sends the message that Illinois is not good for business. If this legislation were to pass, it is certain that Illinois businesses will have to raise prices to cover their higher labor costs. Our small businesses will have to cut jobs or hours to compensate their workers. Like the trajectory of many of its citizens, Illinois will lose businesses across state lines, where the minimum wage is lower.


As the Chamber continues to build its case for our elected representation in Springfield, we need to hear from you, our members, on how a minimum wage increase would affect you and your business.