Program Video Archive

Missed one of our recent programs? Looking for educational material to share with your co-workers? We've got you covered! Below is our video archive of recent Chamber programs that are made readily available year-round.


Please note: not every Chamber program is recorded. Videos will be made available typically within one-two weeks after the programs occurance.


If you have any questions regarding distribution or if you're a speaker wanting a raw copy of your presentation please contact Jonathan Strupek at 309-829-1186.



February 29

Electric Co Op

Presented By: Brian McLemore, CQI Associates

March 28

Advocacy and it's Effect on Your Business

Presented By: Todd Lowery

April 25

Tradeshow Marketing

Presented By: Jessica Mann and Julie Workman

June 27

Best of Chamber Communications

Presented By: Jonathan Strupek and Jessica Mann


January 19

"How To" Tuesday: Best Social Media Practices

Presented By: Jacob Eckeberger