Graduated Income Tax

A Statement from the Chamber
The McLean County Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, on behalf of its members, voted to oppose the proposed amendment to the taxpayer protective language that has stood as a safeguard in the Illinois Constitution for 50 years, allowing a new progressive tax structure on the grounds that it will hurt our small businesses, large employers and their employees as taxpayers by implementing an immediate tax, without limits or limitations of imposing future additional income taxes, and without accountability or dedication for the use of added revenues.  The Chamber has joined numerous other Illinois Chambers of Commerce and other business groups, including the Illinois Farm Bureau, as part of the “Vote NO on the Progressive Tax Coalition.” For more detailed information as to why this proposal is bad for our members and all of Illinois, see the Chambers Against Tax website.










In this brief video, Illinois Chamber of Commerce (ICC) President and CEO, Todd Maisch, shares information on why a progressive income tax would be harmful to Illinois businesses.







Member Education Presentation by the Illinois Policy Institute

Recorded October 7, 2020

Illinois Policy Institute's chief economist, Orphe Divounguy, explains how typical McLean County families and businesses would be affected by the progressive income tax, should voters approve it, as well as what other policy solutions the state should consider.










More from the ICC's Progressive Income Tax YouTube Series


























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