BNYP Photos and Testimonials

"I have only been involved with the NEXT Professional's for a couple months, and I have nothing but great things to say about them. When I first started, I was welcomed with open arems and chatted with several of the board members about how they could help me get more involved with the group. The events I attended have been great and I have made several connections in just a short time. NEXT is a group of individuals who are dedicated to bettering themselves, other group members, and the community. I highly recommend this group to anyone!"


Andy Michtell

Vice President, Mortgage Loan Officer

Marine Bank


“I have had the pleasure of interacting with many members of NEXT Professionals and have been impressed with their energy, motivation and commitment.  Networking opportunities clearly are an important and valuable part of involvement in the organization that benefits not only the NEXT Professionals, but also the many community members who engage with them in numerous ways.   By providing excellent professional growth and development experiences for members, NEXT Professionals is helping build young leaders committed to supporting the future of our community.” 


Rob Widmer


Heartland Community College  



"I am continually impressed by NEXT Professionals as an organization, and the individual members. I have been able to observe their progress and growth over the past few years, and it's impressive. I also had the opportunity to present my professional experience to the group and was captivated with the dialogue and conversation that resulted. This group of strong and hardworking indivduals is the future of our economy and community, and I believe we will be successful because of them."


Andy Shirk

President, BEER NUTS



"NEXT Professionals allowed me to build a professional network, to engage with and serve alongside my peers, to meet the needs of our community, to meet and learn from innovative and successful communtiy leaders, all for the purpose of growing as a professional. I appreciated the opportunities membership in NEXT provided me to learn from others, gain valuable skills, and grow as a leader." 


Kate Boutilier

Former NEXT Member



"I have had the opportunity to know and work with several members of NEXT Professionals, and have been invited to participate in NEXT Professionals activities with the group. These are passionate and dedicated young people who elevate our community not only with their work as professionals, but also with their civic engagement." 


Tom Lamonica

School of Communication

Illinois State University



"I have been so impressed with the transforming leaders that take part in NEXT Professionals. They take risks and make change in our community. I have seen the inner works of how the participants are developed professionally, taught to create webs of networking circles and are encouraged to participate in civic/charity opportunities. We need more young professionals in McLean County to take advantage of this fantastic program."


Leann Seal

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

The Snyder Companies



"In my time as a member of the NEXT Professionals, I have been impressed with the group and all they do. I have received valuable training and career advice from the many speakers who have presented. I have made business connections with other members and have been able to get more involved in my community. I would recommend this group to any young proefessional looking to advance their career, learn new skills and who have a passion for getting involved in their community."


Angie Fulton

Development Director

The Salvation Army




"NEXT Professionals has taken my professional development to a new level. The group has connected me to other motivated leaders around McLean County and helped solidify my connection to the community. Every month I know our meeting will broaden my view of the business landscape and stretch my own personal development. Thanks to the diversity of industries represented in the group, I've learned about everything from hospitality and not-for-profit administration to jewelry and real estate. It's hard to find such a powerful experience within the internal walls of any company, and I thank NEXT Professionals for making me a stronger leader in my own industry."


Evan Russo

Former NEXT Member



"NEXT Professionals has been a great way to meet other young professionals in our community! As the manager of a small, new retail business, I've valued my time networking in this group to get the word out about our business specifically to this demographic. NEXT has also helped me to stay current with local events and news, and I appreciate the continual training opportunities I receive through my involvement with the group. Not only have I benefitted professionally, but personally, I've loved developing some quality friendships with other NEXT members as well. I am excited to continue developing with this group for years to come!"


Liz Mikel

Development Director

Habitat for Humanity

Now at Thrivent



“NEXT Professionals is the premier networking, leadership and volunteer organization for young professionals in Bloomington/Normal. The friendships I have made and the personal skills I have developed will stay with me forever. If you want to grow as a professional and individual, this is the organization to join. I am proud to be part of NEXT!”


Josh Barnett

Development Coordinator

Advocate BroMenn Medical Center