The McLean County Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that serves over 900 businesses and organizations in McLean County and the surrounding area. Our full-time staff is passionate and dedicated to serving the business community and helping our membership thrive. Our organization has something for everyone with membership benefits that include marketing opportunities, professional development, advocacy, healthcare solutions, and much more. All of these great benefits and more can be found here!


Economic Development Council   Small Business Development Center


Small Business Start-Up Guide for Veterans






The vision of the McLean County Chamber of Commerce is to be a vibrant, progressive business community that works together to make McLean County a great place to do business.  

To support our members, the McLean County Chamber of Commerce Promotes commerce, Advocates pro-business perspectives, Collaborates to lead change, and Engages in action for results that strengthen the prosperity of the business community.



Core Values

  1. Member centric, community minded.

  1. Intentional connections through exceptional experiences.

  1. Contagious energy with a positive attitude.

  1. Think it, plan it, get it done.




2024 Accredited with 5 Stars
Awarded by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has awarded us with its highest designation of Accredited with 5 Stars for our sound policies, effective organizational procedures, and positive impact on the community. We are forever grateful for our staff, members, volunteers, and the community partners who contribute so much time and energy to helping us help McLean County businesses succeed.


2024 Certified Gold Transparency

Awarded by Candid (Guidestar)

The Chamber is Certified Gold Transparency by Candid (Guidestar) the nation’s leading non-profit research website. Organizations earn Seals of Transparency by contributing information about their mission, staff and leadership, programs, goals, and more. You can invest in our work with confidence.


2017 Illinois Outstanding Chamber of the Year
Awarded by the Illinois Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (IACCE)


2014 Chamber of Commerce of the Year
Awarded by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE)


Strategic Plan


Promote Commerce
Advocate Business Perspectives
Collaborate to Lead Change
Engage in Action that Leads to Results



Our strategic plan, PACE, is formed around the knowledge that our members are at the center of everything we do.



Promoting Commerce

The Chamber is dedicated to providing ongoing awareness of local businesses to encourage and engage business to business and business to consumer patronage. Through our initiatives and programs, we provide local business support with the goal of enhancing the ability of businesses to establish and maintain profitability.


Advocate Business Perspectives

When it comes to public policy, we're proud to serve as the voice of our members on the local, state, and federal levels. Our staff works to identify key issues impacting local businesses and serves as their advocate when communicating with officials.  


Collaborate to Lead Change

We build partnerships with businesses and organizations to develop innovative opportunities that provide new value to our members that can not only bring positive change to their business, but also positive change to the overall McLean County community.


Engage in Action that Leads to Results

By recognizing the diverse needs of our members, we can take action. Through the resources we provide, the programs we facilitate, and the people we convene, the Chamber is uniquely positioned to act on the needs of McLean County's business community.




Rising from the ashes of "The Great Fire of 1900," the McLean County Chamber of Commerce has been a vital factor in Central Illinois business development for more than 110 years.


With nearly 1,000 members, the McLean County Chamber of Commerce is the premier business organization in McLean County, as well as being the largest. The McLean County Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization of businesses and individuals investing time and money in a continual community development program. Working together, we strive to improve the economic, civic and cultural well-being of McLean County.


The work of the McLean County Chamber of Commerce is vital to the success of the community. We address the concerns of businesses large and small such as affordable health care, networking, advocacy, transportation, and growth. We are also the primary community resource for individuals seeking information about the business climate or the quality of life in McLean County.

Our Timeline

1900 Bloomington Business Men's Association formed
1901 Bloomington Business Men's Association incorporated
1912 Name changed to Commercial Club of Bloomington
1922 Name changed to Association of Commerce of Bloomington
1968 Association of Commerce of Bloomington and Normal Chamber of Commerce merged to form the Association of Commerce and Industry of McLean County.  The ACI's scope of activities becomes county-wide
1984 Name changed to McLean County Chamber of Commerce