Resource Groups


Mission:  The Solopreneurs Resource Group is a varied and flexible forum which exists to provide a sounding board, offer professional feedback, share resources, and serve as support for small business owners who are seeking coaching, networking, and other information to build or enhance their business in a confidential setting.


Membership:  The Solopreneurs Resource Group is exclusive to solo business owners with or without a storefront. The Solopreneur may have employees/assistants who help administratively, but are not directly promoting/working the business. This applies to solo sales professionals, agents, and franchise owners.   


Attendance:  Members are encouraged to attend regularly so as to contribute to and engage with other Solopreneurs. Solopreneurs who may not be able to keep this commitment may be asked to reevaluate their participation in the group. 


Meetings:  The Solopreneurs Resource Group will meet the 2nd Thursday of every month via Zoom or at the Chamber office, pending mitigation measures.


Guests: Guests are welcome at Solopreneurs Resource Group meetings when accompanied by a Solopreneur member.


Chair: The Chair for the Solopreneurs Resource Group will be determined at the December meeting via a vote of the Resource Group membership.


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