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Small Business Roundtable

Chaired by Terry Ballantini




Mission:  The Small Business Roundtable exists to provide a monthly forum for small business owners to discuss relevant topics in a confidential setting.


Membership:  The Small Business Roundtable is exclusive to Chamber member business owners, with one business owner per industry represented.  The group welcomes new members in industries not currently represented throughout the year. You must have at least 2 employees to join the group. 


Attendance:  Members may not miss consecutive meetings without communication to the roundtable chair.  Members that do not attend meetings regularly and do not communicate with the chair may be removed and allowed to be reconsidered for membership during open periods. 


Meetings:  The Small Business Roundtable group will meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month from 8:30 to 10am  at the Chamber office.


Guests: Guests are welcomed to meetings throughout the  year. The Chamber liaison will put interested guests in touch with a Small Business Roundtable representative prior to attending the meeting.


Chair:  Terry Ballantini


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